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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Some SEO Questions

One of My colleague Mr. Phani Has given some SEO questions ... I will mention here down later and also provide the answers ( whatever I find on net ) ...

Questions are:

  1. What is a Web Host? What are the functions of a Web Host?
  2. How do search engines crawl the websites?
  3. What is DNS?
  4. What is called Indexing?
  5. Can't we host our website on our own? Yes/No. Support your answer with an explanation.
  6. What is a searchbot?
  7. State the difference between a Static Website and Dynamic Website?
  8. What is a snippet according to Google?
  9. What is a Backlink? Do you think Backlinks are necessary for a website? Why?
  10. List out several ways of Link Building.
  11. What is a Sitemap? How many types of sitemaps are there and briefly explain the difference between them.
  12. What are the different techniques of On-page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization?
  13. What is PageRank according to Google? What is the importance of it and on what basis the PageRank is determined? 


  1. when are u going to give answers? ... they are good questions .. try to give answers as early as possible

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  3. You will learn the answers to a few SEO questions. It will make you understand it better

  4. SEO is a complex topic and here are some questions that will solve all the problems

    1. I am totally in favor with the article. This article will help people to widen their knowledge.