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Friday, November 11, 2011

Miklós Fehér - Soccer player who died during the match

Miklós "Miki" Fehér (20 July 1979 — 25 January 2004) was an Hungarian footballer who played as a striker.

On 25 January 2004, Fehér died of a cardiac arrest during a match between Vitória de Guimarães and his team Benfica in Guimarães, Portugal.

On 25 January 2004, Benfica travelled to Guimarães to play against Vitória de Guimarães. The game was being broadcast live on television, and Benfica were leading 1–0. Fehér had just come on as a substitute, and assisted another player brought from the bench, Fernando Aguiar, for the match's only goal, but received a yellow card in injury time and suddenly bent forward, seemingly in pain. He then fell backwards to the ground.

Members of both teams rushed immediately to aid Fehér before medical personnel arrived on the pitch. CPR was performed as match participants looked on in visible distress. An ambulance arrived on the pitch and Fehér was rushed to the hospital. His condition was covered by the Portuguese media throughout the day. However, before midnight, his death was confirmed, the cause of death being cardiac arrhythmia, brought on by Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. In his memory, Benfica retired the number 29 shirt, which he wore during his time at the club. He was remembered by many and his death caused a profound shock in Portuguese sports. Among others, Porto director of football Reinaldo Teles and manager José Mourinho paid their respects at the Estádio da Luz, where the player's body remained before his burial in his native Hungary.

A club delegation, which included the entire squad, travelled to Hungary, presenting Fehér's parents with the 2004–05 league championship medal, in respect for the player and his time with the club.

On 9 October 2009, the day before their World Cup qualifier against Portugal in Lisbon, the Hungarian national team squad laid a wreath next to a metal bust of Feher at Benfica's homeground Estádio da Luz, in tribute to his memory.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

That is RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

That is RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh)

1. Field Marshal Cariappa in his to RSS volunteers said "RSS is my heart's work. My dear young men, don't be disturbed by uncharitable comments of interested persons. Look ahead! Go ahead! The country is standing in need of your services"

2. Nov 1949, Dr. Zakir Hussain : "Allegations against RSS of violence & hatred against the Muslims are wholly false."

3. Nov 1949, Dr. Zakir Hussain: "Muslims should learn the lesson of mutual love, cooperation and organisation from RSS".

4. Jayaprakash Narayan in 1977: "RSS is a revolutionary organization. No other organization in the country comes anywhere near it."

5. Noted Gandhian leader and the leader of Sarvoday movement, Jayaprakash Narayan, who earlier was a vocal opponent of RSS had the following to say about it in 1977 "RSS is a revolutionary organization. No other organization in the country comes anywhere near it. It alone has the capacity to transform society, end casteism and wipe the tears from the eyes of the poor." He further added "I have great expectations from this revolutionary organization which has taken up the challenge of creating a new India".

6. Sikh intellectual and author of 'A History of the Sikhs', Khushwant Singh, credits members of the RSS with helping and protecting Sikhs who were being targeted by members of theCongress political party during the 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots. Singh who otherwise has been critical of the RSS and believes that it is a " communal organization and dangerous to the country's secular fabric"

7. The RSS also has been banned in India thrice, during periods in which the government of the time claimed that they were a threat to the state: in 1948 after Mahatma Gandhi's assassination, during the Emergency (1975–77), and after the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition. The bans were subsequently lifted, in 1949 after the RSS was absolved of charges in the Gandhi murder case, in 1977 as a result of the Emergency being revoked, and in 1993 when no evidence of any unlawful activities was found against it by the tribunal constituted under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act.

8. After the Independence of India, many organizations including the RSS aspired to liberate Dadra and Nagar Haveli from Portuguese occupation. In April 1954, the RSS formed a coalition with the National Movement Liberation Organization (NMLO), the and Azad Gomantak Dal (AGD) for the liberation of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. On the night of 21 July, United front of Goans, a group, working independently of the coalition, captured the Portuguese police station at Dadra and declared Dadra as free. Subsequently on 28 July, volunteer teams of the RSS and AGD captured the territories of Naroli and Phiparia and ultimately the capital of Silvassa. The Portuguese forces which escaped and moved towards Nagar Haveli, were assaulted at Khandvel and were forced to retreat till they surrendered to the Indian border police at Udava on 11 August 1954. A native administration was setup with Appasaheb Karmalkar of NMLO as the Administrator of Dadra and Nagar Haveli on 11 August 1954.

9. In 1955, RSS leaders demanded the end of Portuguese rule in Goa and its integration into India. When Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru refused to obtain it by armed intervention, RSS leader Jagannath Rao Joshi led the satyagraha agitation straight into Goa itself.

10. The RSS earned recognition based on its volunteer work during the Sino-Indian War in 1962. RSS was invited by Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru to take part in the Indian Republic day parade of 1963. It along with several other civilian organizations took part in the parade. This event helped the RSS increase its popularity and its patriotic image.

11. Later in 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars too, the RSS volunteers offered their services to maintain law and order of the country and were apparently the first to donate blood.

12. In 1975, the Indian Government under the Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi, proclaimed emergency rule in India, thereby suspending the fundamental rights and curtailing the rights of the press. The volunteers of the RSS formed underground movements for the restoration of democracy. Literature that was censored in the media was clandestinely published and distributed on a large scale and funds were collected for the movement. It said that the movement was "dominated by tens of thousands of RSS cadres, though more and more young recruits are coming". Talking about its objectives it said "its platform at the moment has only one plank: to bring democracy back to India".

13. It has been noted that the RSS volunteers participated in the Bhoodan movement organized by Gandhian leader Vinobha Bhave. RSS leader M. S. Golwalkar believed that the movement should inculcate a right and positive faith in the masses that can make them rise above the base appeal of Communism.

14. The mission of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been described as the revitalization of Indian value system based on universalism and peace and prosperity to all. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam, the worldview that the whole world is one family, propounded by the ancient thinkers of India, is considered as the ultimate mission of the organization.

15. The RSS has advocated the training of Dalits and other backward classes as temple high priests (a position traditionally reserved for Caste Brahmins and denied to lower castes). They argue that the social divisiveness of the Caste system is responsible for the lack of adherence to Hindu values and traditions and reaching out to the lower castes in this manner will be a remedy to the problem. The RSS has also condemned 'upper' caste Hindus for preventing Dalits from worshipping at temples, saying that "even God will desert the temple in which Dalits cannot enter".

16. During M. K. Gandhi's visit to RSS Camp accompanied by Mahadev Desai and Mirabehn at Wardha in 1934, he was surprised by the discipline and the absence of untouchability in RSS and commented "When i visited the RSS Camp. I was very much surprised by your discipline and absence of untouchablity ". He personally inquired to Swayamsevaks and found that they were living and eating together in the camp without bothering to know their castes.

17. Dr Bhimrao Ambedkar while visiting the RSS camp at Pune in 1939 observed that Swayamsevaks were moving in absolute equality and brotherhood without even caring to know the cast of others. In his address to the Swayamsevaks, he said that " This is the first time that I am visiting the camp of Sangh volunters. I am happy to find absolute equality between Savarniyas (Upper cast) and Harijans (Lower cast) without any one being aware of such difference existing." When he asked Dr Hedgewar whether there were any untouchables in the camp, he replied that there are neither "touchables" nor "untouchables" but only Hindus.

18. RSS runs 27,041 schools (Ekal Vidyalaya) in remote tribal areas : 7,53,123 socially deprived tribal students are enrolled.

19. RSS has 45,00,000 volunteers assembling in 40-50,000 shakhas each day. The largest volunteer organization in the world!

20. RSS has participated in many relief activities during natural calamities

Monday, July 11, 2011

Search Engines Notice H1 Headings

What are H1 headings?

An H1 heading is a prominent piece of text on a web page. It's like the headline of a newspaper or magazine article - it helps readers quickly understand what the web page is about. For example, if this email were a web page, "Search Engines Notice H1 Headings" would be its H1 heading.

An H1 heading is plain text that lives between these HTML tags:

How can H1 headings help my search engine rankings?

Because headings are defined with HTML code, search engines understand that these pieces of text are of particular importance. You should include important keywords for a page in its H1 heading to tell search engines what the page is about, and help it rank higher in results for searches on those words.

Do my website's pages have H1 headings?

You can find out by looking at the HTML source code for every page on your site. When you're viewing the page, look for this option in your web browser. For example, in Firefox, you would click "View" at the top of the page, and then "Page Source." You'll see a page of code, and you can search for h1 tags.

Because H1 headings are important and it's tedious to check them manually, we analyze these - and many other SEO elements - in our Site Report.  We'll alert you to any pages that don't have an H1 heading, and also any pages that have two or more (you should have one per page). We show you what your H1 headings say, and alert you if they're too long, or include anything other than plain text (they shouldn't).

How can I add or change my H1 headings?

Your content management system should have a simple way to add an H1 heading to each page. Look for an option like "heading".  If you don't see it, consult the Help pages of the tool you use, or contact their support people.

source: AboutUS

Monday, June 27, 2011

India Tour of England 2011 - Schedule

Hi Friends., Heres the schedule of India tour of England 2011.

Fri Jul 15 - Sun Jul 17  Somerset v Indians

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

County Ground, Taunton

Thu Jul 21 - Mon Jul 25  1st Test - England v India

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

Lord's, London

Fri Jul 29 - Tue Aug 2  2nd Test - England v India

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

Trent Bridge, Nottingham

Fri Aug 5 - Sat Aug 6  Northamptonshire v Indians

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

County Ground, Northampton

Wed Aug 10 - Sun Aug 14  3rd Test - England v India

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

Edgbaston, Birmingham

Thu Aug 18 - Mon Aug 22  4th Test - England v India

10:00 GMT | 11:00 local

15:30 IST

Kennington Oval, London

Thu Aug 25  Sussex v Indians

09:15 GMT | 10:15 local

14:45 IST

County Ground, Hove

Fri Aug 26            Kent v Indians

13:30 GMT | 14:30 local

19:00 IST

St Lawrence Ground, Canterbury

Mon Aug 29  Leicestershire v Indians

13:30 GMT | 14:30 local

19:00 IST

Grace Road, Leicester

Wed Aug 31            Only T20I - England v India

17:00 GMT | 18:00 local

22:30 IST

Old Trafford, Manchester

Sat Sep 3  1st ODI - England v India

09:15 GMT | 10:15 local

14:45 IST

Riverside Ground, Chester-le-Street

Tue Sep 6            2nd ODI - England v India

13:00 GMT | 14:00 local

18:30 IST

The Rose Bowl, Southampton

Fri Sep 9            3rd ODI - England v India

13:00 GMT | 14:00 local

18:30 IST

Kennington Oval, London

Sun Sep 11  4th ODI - England v India

09:15 GMT | 10:15 local

14:45 IST

Lord's, London

Fri Sep 16            5th ODI - England v India

13:00 GMT | 14:00 local

18:30 IST

Sophia Gardens, Cardiff

Enjoy the matches and wish Indian team - All the Best

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

India Tour of West Indies Schedule ( Indian Timings )

As all we know India touring in West Indies in June 2011, here is the tour schedule ( Indian timings )

Sat Jun 4
14:00 GMT | 10:00 local
19:30 IST
Only T20I - West Indies v India
Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Mon Jun 6
13:00 GMT | 09:00 local
18:30 IST
1st ODI - West Indies v India
Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Wed Jun 8
13:00 GMT | 09:00 local
18:30 IST
2nd ODI - West Indies v India
Queen's Park Oval, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Sat Jun 11
13:00 GMT | 09:00 local
18:30 IST
3rd ODI - West Indies v India
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
Mon Jun 13
13:00 GMT | 09:00 local
18:30 IST
4th ODI - West Indies v India
Sir Vivian Richards Stadium, North Sound, Antigua
Thu Jun 16
14:00 GMT | 09:00 local
19:30 IST
5th ODI - West Indies v India
Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica
Mon Jun 20 - Fri Jun 24
15:00 GMT | 10:00 local
20:30 IST
1st Test - West Indies v India
Sabina Park, Kingston, Jamaica
Tue Jun 28 - Sat Jul 2
14:00 GMT | 10:00 local
19:30 IST
2nd Test - West Indies v India
Kensington Oval, Bridgetown, Barbados
Wed Jul 6 - Sun Jul 10
14:00 GMT | 10:00 local
19:30 IST
3rd Test - West Indies v India
Windsor Park, Roseau, Dominica

Enjoy the matches and wish our Young Indian team to get succeed in WI.

All The Best India

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Akbaruddin Owaisi critical after Hyderabad attack

Chandrayangutta Legislator Akbaruddin Owaisi is in critical condition after unidentified gunmen opened fire on him in Chandrayangutta on Saturday. Police said two other persons were also injured in the shooting, and added that the attack was said to have been master-minded by his rivals.
Tension escalated in the entire old city areas as followers of the Majlis legislator gathered in huge numbers at the Owaisi hospital in Santoshnagar, where a profusely bleeding Mr Owaisi was rushed after the attack. Police sources said Mr Owaisi was on his way to attend a programme in a jeep when a group of people opened fire and launched a sword attack on those in the jeep.
Unconfirmed reports said another Majlis legislator Balala too was injured in the incident. The two other injured persons have been shifted to a private corporate hospital in Malakpet.
Chief Minister N. Kiran Kumar Reddy has cancelled all his appointments and is rushing to Owaisi Hospital.
Mr. Akbaruddin Owaisi is the younger son of late Sultan Salauddin Owaisi, the chief architect of All India Majlis-e-Ittadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) which won seven assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh in last elections. Akbaruddin Owaisi’s elder brother Asaduddin Owaisi is the president of the AIMIM and he represents Hyderabad constituency in the Lok Sabha now. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

DC vs RCB, Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Banglore

finally we won at our home ground. DC broke their jinx of win at their home ground. I am happy that we won. I dint had the hope of winning but after watching the First Innings I was confident on winning and the same happened. I was jumping when wickets for falling. Really great batting, good balling and fielding dont ask they were falling on ball looking like giving life to save the ball. I was worried when Virat started singing. But thanks to Goni for the slow ball which is a off spinner from a seamer which decieved virat and hit the off stump. I was shocked when I saw Zak at one down. Lol what was Danny was expecting from Zak at that moment??? some 5 to 6 sixes or a fifty??? Thats a big mess in batting order. AB disappointed again so does Dilshan. RCB might be expecting some big score from these two batsmen but nothing they got form these. common boys wake up, you have paid some millions for your play not for the ducks HAHA ...

Okay its time for me to sign off ... Good night .. now I can sleep happy ..... :-)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Paul Valthaty's Century gave first Punjab its first win

When you are chasing a mammoth target of 189 in 120 balls, you need at least one person to step up and take charge hit massive runs. Paul Valthaty does the same and he smashed unbeaten 121 of 63 balls and also he grab the Orange cap as he is the leading run scorer in the tournament.

After loosing two quick wickets, Chennai Super Kings made tremendous come back in the game and posted mammoth 189 runs target before Punjab. For Chennai, M Vijay ans S Badri both made quick 50's vij made 74 and badri made 66 not out. Skipper MS Dhoni also played sensible knock of 43 off 20 balls.

After two quick jolts, Murali Vijay and S Badrinath consolidated Chennai innings brilliantly. Vijay struck fastest fifty of this season. Vijay and Badrinath added 124 runs for the fourth wicket partnership. Vijay made 74 runs off 43 balls.

Punjab medium pacer Praveen Kumar provided massive bow to Chennai after dismissing two batsmen in the very first two balls of the match. PK dismissed Srikanth Anirudha and Suresh Raina in the first two deliveries of his first over.

Good recover by Channai and made a massive total. Gilly and Paul Valthaty started well ... but gilly was not his useual form and you dont get a good performance from a person who was away from game for one year.

Hope DC play well tomorrow ... :-)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

RJ Prateeka Interview in I-News ... Watch the vedio


IPL Live streaming, IPL Indiatimes Live Streaming

Are you in office? Worry about watching IPL Live Streaming in Office? then here comes the link which helps you to watch ipl live. Yes Indiatimes broght live online streaming of IPL4 or IPL 2011. Heres the link .... enjoy the live streaming ...

Deccan Chargers vs Rojasthan Royals Preview

As Expected we lost the match. I mean Deccan Chargers ( DC ) lost in their home ground. They never won a match in Uppal ground which is their home ground. DC has good batsmen who can hit longer and can do more damage than they did today, but they dint played to their strength. Sanga disappointed, dhawan, raviteja, and the costly fox christian gave some help to reach 137 which is never be a competitive score to defend. The modest score is 150+ which is much defendable and CSK has proved it. Hope DC does well in upcoming matches.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

What is Natha Pratha?

Natha pratha' is a common custom practised in the local communities of Rajasthan state where if a woman wants a separation, she can approach the panchayat. However, she has to pay a compensation to the other party, following which she can marry another man.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

IPL4 Schedule, IPL 2011 Schedule

world cup 2011 is over and its time for IPL 2011. ... Check the below IPL 4 or IPL 2011 Schedule ... lets rock it .... ITS T20 TIME ... .

Date Local/IST Match Details Match No Venue
8-Apr-11 20:00 1st Chennai Super Kings vs Kolkata Knight Riders 1st IPL Chennai
9-Apr-11 16:00 2nd Deccan Chargers vs Rajasthan Royals 2nd IPL Hyderabad
9-Apr-11 20:00 3rd Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 3rd IPL Kochi
10-Apr-11 16:00 4th Delhi Daredevils vs Mumbai Indians 4th IPL Delhi
10-Apr-11 20:00 5th Pune Warriors vs Kings XI Punjab 5th IPL Navi Mumbai
11-Apr-11 20:00 6th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Deccan Chargers 6th IPL Kolkata
12-Apr-11 16:00 7th Rajasthan Royals vs Delhi Daredevils 7th IPL Jaipur
12-Apr-11 20:00 8th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Mumbai Indians 8th IPL Bangalore
13-Apr-11 16:00 9th Kings XI Punjab vs Chennai Super Kings 9th IPL Mohali
13-Apr-11 20:00 10th Pune Warriors vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 10th IPL Navi Mumbai
14-Apr-11 20:00 th Deccan Chargers vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 11 th IPL Hyderabad
15-Apr-11 16:00 12th Rajasthan Royals vs Kolkata Knight Riders 12th IPL Jaipur
15-Apr-11 20:00 13th Mumbai Indians vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 13th IPL Hyderabad
16-Apr-11 16:00 14th Chennai Super Kings vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 14th IPL Chennai
16-Apr-11 20:00 15th Deccan Chargers vs Kings XI Punjab 15th IPL Hyderabad
17-Apr-11 16:00 16th Pune Warriors vs Delhi Daredevils 16th IPL Navi Mumbai
17-Apr-11 20:00 17th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Rajasthan Royals 17th IPL Kolkata
18-Apr-11 20:00 18th Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Chennai Super Kings 18th IPL Kochi
19-Apr-11 16:00 19th Delhi Daredevils vs Deccan Chargers 19th IPL Delhi
19-Apr-11 20:00 20th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Rajasthan Royals 20th IPL Bangalore
20-Apr-11 16:00 21st Mumbai Indians vs Pune Warriors 21st IPL Mumbai
20-Apr-11 20:00 22nd Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 22nd IPL Kolkata
21-Apr-11 20:00 23rd Kings XI Punjab vs Rajasthan Royals 23rd IPL Mohali
22-Apr-11 16:00 24th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 24th IPL Kolkata
22-Apr-11 20:00 25th Mumbai Indians vs Chennai Super Kings 25th IPL Mumbai
23-Apr-11 20:00 26th Delhi Daredevils vs Kings XI Punjab 26th IPL Delhi
24-Apr-11 16:00 27th Deccan Chargers vs Mumbai Indians 27th IPL Hyderabad
24-Apr-11 20:00 28th Rajasthan Royals vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 28th IPL Jaipur
25-Apr-11 20:00 29th Chennai Super Kings vs Pune Warriors 29th IPL Chennai
26-Apr-11 20:00 30th Delhi Daredevils vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 30th IPL Delhi
27-Apr-11 16:00 31st Pune Warriors vs Chennai Super Kings 31st IPL Navi Mumbai
27-Apr-11 20:00 32nd Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Deccan Chargers 32nd IPL Kochi
28-Apr-11 20:00 33rd Delhi Daredevils vs Kolkata Knight Riders 33rd IPL Delhi
29-Apr-11 16:00 34th Rajasthan Royals vs Mumbai Indians 34th IPL Jaipur
29-Apr-11 20:00 35th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Pune Warriors 35th IPL Bangalore
30-Apr-11 16:00 36th Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Delhi Daredevils 36th IPL Kochi
30-Apr-11 20:00 37th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Kings XI Punjab 37th IPL Kolkata
1-May-11 16:00 38th Rajasthan Royals vs Pune Warriors 38th IPL Jaipur
1-May-11 20:00 39th Chennai Super Kings vs Deccan Chargers 39th IPL Chennai
2-May-11 16:00 40th Mumbai Indians vs Kings XI Punjab 40th IPL Mumbai
2-May-11 20:00 41st Delhi Daredevils vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 41st IPL Delhi
3-May-11 20:00 42nd Deccan Chargers vs Kolkata Knight Riders 42nd IPL Hyderabad
4-May-11 16:00 43rd Chennai Super Kings vs Rajasthan Royals 43rd IPL Chennai
4-May-11 20:00 44th Pune Warriors vs Mumbai Indians 44th IPL Navi Mumbai
5-May-11 16:00 45th Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Kolkata Knight Riders 45th IPL Kochi
5-May-11 20:00 46th Deccan Chargers vs Delhi Daredevils 46th IPL Hyderabad
6-May-11 20:00 47th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kings XI Punjab 47th IPL Bangalore
7-May-11 16:00 48th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Chennai Super Kings 48th IPL Kolkata
7-May-11 20:00 49th Mumbai Indians vs Delhi Daredevils 49th IPL Mumbai
8-May-11 16:00 50th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 50th IPL Bangalore
8-May-11 20:00 51st Kings XI Punjab vs Pune Warriors 51st IPL Mohali
9-May-11 20:00 52nd Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings 52nd IPL Jaipur
10-May-11 16:00 53rd Deccan Chargers vs Pune Warriors 53rd IPL Hyderabad
10-May-11 20:00 54th Kings XI Punjab vs Mumbai Indians 54th IPL Mohali
11-May-11 20:00 55th Rajasthan Royals vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 55th IPL Jaipur
12-May-11 20:00 56th Chennai Super Kings vs Delhi Daredevils 56th IPL Chennai
13-May-11 20:00 57th Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Kings XI Punjab 57th IPL Indore
14-May-11 16:00 58th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Kolkata Knight Riders 58th IPL Bangalore
14-May-11 20:00 59th Mumbai Indians vs Deccan Chargers 59th IPL Mumbai
15-May-11 20:00 60th Kings XI Punjab vs Delhi Daredevils 60th IPL Dharmasala
15-May-11 20:00 61st Kochi Tuskers Kerala vs Rajasthan Royals 61st IPL Indore
16-May-11 20:00 62nd Pune Warriors vs Deccan Chargers 62nd IPL Pune
17-May-11 20:00 63rd Kings XI Punjab vs Royal Challengers Bangalore 63rd IPL Dharmasala
18-May-11 20:00 64th Chennai Super Kings vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala 64th IPL Chennai
19-May-11 20:00 65th Pune Warriors vs Kolkata Knight Riders 65th IPL Pune
20-May-11 20:00 66th Mumbai Indians vs Rajasthan Royals 66th IPL Mumbai
21-May-11 16:00 67th Kings XI Punjab vs Deccan Chargers 67th IPL Dharmasala
21-May-11 20:00 68th Delhi Daredevils vs Pune Warriors 68th IPL Delhi
22-May-11 16:00 69th Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Chennai Super Kings 69th IPL Bangalore
22-May-11 20:00 70th Kolkata Knight Riders vs Mumbai Indians 70th IPL Kolkata
24-May-11 20:00 71st TBC vs TBC Qualifier 1 IPL Mumbai
25-May-11 20:00 72nd TBC vs TBC Eliminator IPL Mumbai
27-May-11 20:00 73rd TBC vs TBC Qualifier 2 IPL Chennai
28-May-11 20:00 Final TBC vs TBC Final IPL Chennai

So Be ready and get into 20-20 guyz .... enjoy