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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Bom Sabado: Orkut hacked by Brazilian Hackers

Some Brazilians hackers have injected malicious JavaScript in orkut, 1000's of profiles have been hacked.

The virus name is bom Sabado which means Good Saturday

In this script there is a virus which makes your profile in halt. You may join some Brazilian communities.

  Temporary solution:

1) Disable java-script of your web browser.
2) Open
3) Delete those bom sobado scraps from your profile.
4) then use for sending scraps.

  • *change your account password, secret question and secondary email address.
  • *do not visit your and any of the friends scrapbook.
  • *do not click on any suspicious link.
  • *do not click on spam thread in communities.
  • *use for visiting communities only.

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