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Friday, February 4, 2011

Raja is not guilty - DMK

Are DMK guyz gone mad or they got blind as they cant see the truth. Common @$$holes open your eyes see the truth. Mr. Raja the scamfish got arrested by CBI as they caught him guilty. did you see the speech by Karunanidhi??? That moron is explaining it as a attack on SC's and ST's from OC's. From where this cast attack came in corruption? They just wanted to reduce damage done to their party after Raja got arrested. MR Karunanidhi Stop this stupid cast games and please please co-operate with CBI and bringout all the money. If you cant help please shut your bloody mouth.

And where is our PM gone?? Is he hidden somewhere??? Come out and speak Mr. Manmohan ji ... Oh you want Sonia ji permission rit .... Lolz .. you really a rocking PM we ever had. Go and take permission from Sonia and Rahul .... ITS A SHAME ON YOUR PART ... 

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