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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Google Finally Upgrades Feedburner

Believe it or not, Google hasn’t forgotten about Feedburner. The RSS feed service has received an experimental new interface that better matches Google Analytics and looks like it might actually integrate into other Google AdSense and Webmaster tools.

The interface doesn’t work for every component of Feedburner — if you need to access feed management or change certain settings, you can continue to use the old interface. The new interface — which is accessible via — shows real-time stats for clicks, views and podcast downloads from across your feeds.

This is really powerful, especially if you use the Feedburner Socialize service to auto-ping Twitter (Twitter) when you publish a post. This can let you track how users are referred and what RSS clients are being used to access feeds.

The stats take a lot of the information that used to be spread across multiple panels and put it into one interface. You can also view the last two hours of activity for a feed to see different waves of traffic and click-throughs.

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