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Friday, March 1, 2013

What are UnNatural & Artificial Links

According to the Google, Unatural & Artificial links are classified as below:

  1. Paid links:- Buying links from other sites which sells.
  2. Link exchange:- exchanging links between sites ( excessive ).
  3. Linking to or getting links from web spammers & Unrelated sites.
  4. Creating or Building Partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross linking between the pages to pass the page rank.
  5. Using automated programs to build links
  6. Excessive text ads which passes Page Rank
  7. Getting links from Low Quality Directory or Social Bookmarking
  8. Getting text links from article for unrelated keywords:- When we submit articles to the article directory or provided the article to guest bloggers with having our link as anchor to the several keywords which are not relavent to each other and if that passes Page Rank to the website which is linked, that will cause to loose ranking. ex: getting link to website from keywords " french vacation " and " cheap blankets " from the same article to one website.
  9. Links embedded in widgets that are distributed across various sites.
  10. Widely distributed links in the footer of various sites
  11. Forum comments with optimized links in the post or signature:- Whenever we create a forum profile we will optimize the signature with the targeted keyword anchoring to the website. If provide more keywords in the signature and all keywords pointing to the same website will lead to spamming which inturn lead to penalised by google.

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