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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Google Launches " In-Depth Article " Feature

Google has lauched its new feature  " In-Depth Article " which can be viewable in your google search. In-depth article section provides links which are having quality information about the search term you used in google search. According to google these results are very helpful and provide high quality content to the user who are searching to learn something. IMO this feature will bring some changes the way we provide the content. There is also a webmasters help guide which will help webmasters to optimize their content, so that the article will be appear in " In-Depth Articles " section.

I tried this by searching india in google and got this ....

How to optimize our site for the " In-Depth Articles " Feature - From Google

  1. Use Article markup
  2. Provide Authorship markup
  3. Take care of Pagination and canonicalization issues
  4. Provide the information about your organisations Logos

Restricted Content & First Click Free

If you offer subscription-based access to your website content, or if users must register for access, then search engines may not be able to access some of your site's most relevant content. If Google can't properly crawl and index your content (including text, images and videos), we can't show it in our search results (including the "In-depth articles" feature). Implementing First Click Free is one easy way to make sure your content is accessible to Google's search crawlers so it can be displayed in Google search results. Learn more about First Click Free.

source: Google Support

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