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Friday, August 2, 2013

What are your Plannings for Link Building?

Are you still rely on Linkbuilding for SEO and doing article submissions, article marketing, buest bloggings and Press releases??? Read this before you do. ....

It seems Google hates persons who does article marketing and guest blogging. Google updates its Link Schemes in which it added these three new topics.

  1. Text advertisements that pass PageRank
  2. Advertorials or native advertising where payment is received for articles that include links that pass PageRank
  3. Links with optimized anchor text in articles or press releases distributed on other sites.

Barry Scwartz mentioned about the google link schemes changes at SERoundTable

This is the video of MattCutt explaining the same

Did you observe the third point? it says not to have " optimized anchor texts " in articles or press releases we distribute and we have to give no-follow to the links so that this will not affect our rankings.

Already it had shown its red eye on " Low-Quality directory & Bookmarking site links ".... so what are we left with??? how we should bring backlinks or get visitors and how we should promote our websites?

Here in SearchEngineLand article it is mentioned that we need to use nofollow to links in PressReleases.

In summary, the Google guidelines for Advertorials are:

(1) Search Engines: If links are paid for, i.e., money changes hands, then links should not pass PageRank. You should nofollow links in Advertorials.
(2) Users & Readers: It should be clear to your readers that this is a paid story by labeling it advertisement or sponsored story.

Does this mean link building is dead?

Here are list of things which are written my friend Raghu on his blog, which we can still approach and are considered to be reliable to get online presence:

1) Build some realistic content which is SMART: this expands as Specific, Measureable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time scalable. Specific: Define specific objectives of your website through useful content. Measureable: Measure the value of content. Achievable: Do you think that you article content really can drive traffic? Realistic: Content should fit in with the priorities you need for business. Is it really understandable to users? Content is not about targeting phrases. Time scalable: Prepare strategy of how to approach content marketing in a week or month. Scale the time span when to write and when to publish and then expect results!

2) Do concentrate on local seo a lot such as spread your reach on Google maps, places, yahoo local and more. You can find some useful tips for doing Google places and other local seo tactics: Quick Starter Guide for Local SEO.

3) Try Google Engage; build some campaigns in adwords if client is interested.

4) Approach local listings like yelp, yellow pages and more. These will help as local citations which can give better results.

5) Don’t spend on the links, rather than this you can approach for facebook promotions like creating campaigns with allotting budgets like offering prizes, movie tickets or other things.

Hope these things will help us in with Optimization and promotion ..... 

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