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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Benefits of Directory Submission

Hi friends, as a SEO we start with DS i.e directory submission for all sites. So whats the use of this DS? I am just giving some points here ... if you know more please update in comments, I will add it to the post later.

1) Directory submission is one of the most affordable, often free, link building methods.
Some Benefits of Directory Submission.

1. Its most affordable and free ( some times we may choose featured or reciprocal ) link building method :- Most of the directories offer free listings. To get listed we need to be careful while selecting right sub category. If you wanted to place in parent category rather in sub/child category you may have to pay or you may have to go with reciprocal linking.

2. It Increases Your Back links (one way):- Once the Webmaster of the Directory site approves our listing and once the SE bot crawl that page there is a chance of getting backlink from the directory.

3. Web Site Index By Search Engines:- There are some Directories which are having high page rank and having good number of visits. Search Engines gives importance to those directories more than any other DS sites. Once you listed in those site Search engines Indexes our site.

4. Click Through Traffic:- I heard that people used to be checking the Directory lists for their desired sites., its a history now. We cant expect much traffic from a DS Site. But nothing wrong in submitting rit?

5. Increased Visits From Search Engine Robots:- As I said earlier if our site listed in popular DS sites then robots will crawl as many times as it crawls that directory. ( hopefully )

Some more Uses which helps our site get SERP

6. Brand Building.
7. Free and Relevant Link Building Method.
8. Anchor Text Backlink Form the Directories.
9. Niche Directory Submission.
10. Find Link Exchange Partner.
11. Deep link submission:- There are many sites which allows us to submit our sites inner links as many as possible.


  1. I have used a paid service before and can say they were very good, the same person done several sites for people I know, many of whom now have PR4 or 5 on their sites, I know most of them aren't good but you can't tar all with the same brush. 

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