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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Varanasi: Bomb blast in temple injures 25

A severe bomb blast outside a temple during the Ganga Aarti ceremony has injured more than 25 people in Uttar Pradesh.

The bomb blast outside the temple in Shitlaghat in Varanasi was happened around 6.00 pm. Media reported that many people were injured and they were taken to district hospitals.

Police officials rushed to the site and evacuated the entire area. Police officials told that they suspect some more bombs around the area. Police has announced red alert in Varanasi.

Police officials also said that atleast five foreigners were injured in the blast. Police added the possibility of the terrorist attack.

All the time our PM Manmohan ji says we are tightening the security and where is it???? is it really tightened? when willl they do? after all we people dead?

Shame on this govt. Indian Muzahidin said claimed the responsibility for the blast. Wake up govt. wake up ... at least now take some strong actions. We need action rather than the words. It had passed 2 years after 26/11 still we keeping Kasab in our jails and feeding him with biryani's and treating him as a guest. Is it necessary? Bring that ass hole out of the jail surrender him to Mumbai people and they will show what should be the better punishment.

We have a shameless govt. which is full of morons who only concentrates on power and money. They don't care about the security of the nation.  Manmohan is a useless PM we ever had who dances on the finger tip of Mrs. Sonia Gandhi. Shit ... I know I can do nothing than shouting in my blog or on FB ....

Finally RIP to those who died in the blast ... REST IN PEACE ...

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  1. This is a very shocking news,that bomb blast in varanasi.some forieners are also injured in blast.this is very shameful to our govt.