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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Journey... miles to go - Charity Fundraiser

Hi friends today I am here to giving information about the 'V' Care fund raising event " JOURNEY MILES TO GO ".   'V' Care is a voluntary organization, initiated with a motive to help the needy, in every facet probable. Shoring up other aid organizations, working with the same objects, as ours, is our main undertaking. We endeavor to abolish child labor, support HIV affected children, promote girls education, and aid the specially abled and the needy orphans. They are organising this event to rais the funds so that they can help more children.

I am here providing some details about the event and about the artists who performing at the event:-

Harinath Reddy - He is the winner of E TV's "D" and has also participated in popular TV shows like Boogie-Woogie and India's got talent. He would dance under the UV lights for this event, which is the 1st such act in Hyderabad.

Manas Kumar Sahu & Group - Andhra Pradesh will see sand animation for the first time ever. Professional sand artists from Orissa will perform on various social issues. Manas Kumar Sahu & Group has participated in India's got talent on Colors TV and were the finalist in of show.

Diwakar & Sonia from India's got talent would perform at the event. They do a combination of acrobatics and dance.

Professional singers from Telugu film industry will perform heart rendering songs.

Traditional kuchipudi dancer performance by students of Sidhendra Kalapeetam.

Come join the hands to make this event success and Lets help the needy. Have a fun and help in need.


  1. Thank you very much Ramakrishna, for giving place to 'V' Care.

    Hello friends who ever wish to help people in need come and join your hands to make Journey fund raising event a big success. Tickets available, contact:9966448800, 9000531531. You can find more information on poster.

  2. 'V' Care is a great cause! We hope to help you raise money for your organization to abolish child labor, support HIV affected children, promote girls education, and aid the needy orphans.

    For Free Fundraising tools, you can check out this page. This fundraising platform will help you raise money online fast and easy for your charity fundraiser.

  3. v care has been efficient in a lot of charity areas including child labor and women education and scholarship, the first step is to make people aware of some conditions